Ninth Street is a nonprofit media arts center designed to support our seven partners. Providing below market rent, and shared resources such as Digital Media Equipment and Information Technology, Ninth Street also creates collaborative program opportunities through exhibitions and youth media education. Sharing resources to save on costs, programming has been designed to meet the needs of our partners, thus providing better services to our respective communities. Also, in addition to supporting our partners, we also ensure that our facility affords access to individual filmmakers and other nonprofit organizations, through the programs listed below:

Ninth Street presents collaborative events that support and celebrate independent media, representing diverse perspectives. Co-presents with in-house organizations, individual artists, and outside organizations are regularly produced in our intimate state-of-the-art Screening Room. Be sure to check out our Event Calendar for information on upcoming events or reserve the Screening Room for your own event..

Our Media Arts Incubator Program offers media arts participants (e.g., filmmakers, start-up film festivals, small media nonprofits, etc.) access to workspace, shared equipment, outreach opportunities, discounted meeting and exhibition space for a nominal monthly fee.